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Spartan Capital S.A. is an investment company, and together with its subsidiary, Spartan Sp. z o.o., a specialist consultancy company, they form the Spartan Capital S.A. Capital Group (SPARTAN Group). The wide range of services offered by SPARTAN Group is designed for the following groups of companies:

1. Companies between the seed and growth stage;

2. Companies seeking financing;

3. Companies interested in mergers and acquisitions;

4. Companies encountering financial problems and companies in need of restructuring.


SPARTAN Group operates in two segments: investments and consultancy services.



Spartan Capital S.A. focuses primarily on non-public investments. It takes an active interest in creating goodwill of a company, co-operates with seed/venture capital/private equity funds and private investors.

The average expected duration of an investment is 1-3 years, following which a given company is floated on the NewConnect/WSE market, or its shares are sold to a financial/strategic investor.

The company’s activities can be divided into four major categories:


1. Seed Capital – establishing and financing companies operating in the areas with strong investment appeal;

2. Venture Capital – investments in projects with high growth potential at an early development stage (start-up, growth);

3. Private Equity – already existing projects, with fast development pace, which constitute a real investment opportunity;

4. Restructuring projects.



Consultancy services are provided by Spartan Sp. z o.o.

They are related to:


1. Securing funds for companies;
2. Purchasing, selling and merging businesses/companies/special purpose vehicles.



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